The Advantages of Dental Technology

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One of the many benefits today’s dental practices offer is patient participation in the treatment process. With modern advances such as chairside imaging software and intraoral cameras, patients no longer have to be passive in their diagnoses, and can instead work with the doctor to understand all of their options.

Chairside CEREC systems

Many dentists who practice restorative dentistry—especially those who work with dental implants and crowns—have adopted the use of chairside software to enhance their ability to create and place crowns and implants. These systems use data gathered by intraoral cameras and 3D imaging hardware to assist in implant creation and surgery planning.

One of the major benefits of CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) systems in your dentist’s office is that it allows patients to see, and participate in, the steps of their restorative treatment. Software such as these enable patients to see 3D renders of their teeth so that they might understand how each procedure will affect your dentition.

This also allows the doctor to go over various treatment possibilities with patients so that you can decide on your ideal treatment together. Additionally, doctors who have the means to create crowns and implants on site are also diminish the time a patient must wait before they can begin their restorative treatment.

Intraoral Cameras

Another chairside implement that allows for greater patient involvement is the intraoral camera. These handheld cameras enable the doctor to show you possible sites of decay or areas in need of restorative treatment. In using the images captured from these cameras, doctors can explain restorative treatments and implant procedures without the having to explain often mind-boggling x-ray images.

In addition, intraoral cameras provide a quality image that doctors who rely on oral mirrors could not hope to match. These cameras can also assist in the education process of preventive dentistry, allowing your dentist to show actively show you what areas your smile are susceptible to decay, and giving you personalized tips in the prevention of decay.

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