ZOOM! Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Columbia, MD

There are many reasons your teeth may become stained. Common causes of tooth discoloration include consuming dark liquids, smoking, improper brushing, and insufficient dental care. Genetics and medications can also play a role in the development dental discoloration.

Our dentist is committed to helping our patients achieve their ideal smile and believes that no one should ever have to restrain themselves from smiling or laughing because of discolored teeth. If you are seeking an effective teeth whitening solution in Columbia, schedule with Columbia Gateway Dentistry today!

ZOOM!® to the Rescue

Columbia Gateway Dentistry is proud to offer ZOOM®, a highly effective method of restoring the natural brilliance of your smile.

Before providing treatment, we ensure that patients’ smiles are healthy enough to support treatment. The Zoom process involves a sequence of applications where the whitening gel is applied to each prepared tooth and allowed to set. After this portion of the treatment, and special activating light is used to complete the procedure. In about one hour you will have a smile that is significantly brighter.

Advantages of Instant Teeth Whitening with Zoom

While over-the-counter treatments provide minor adjustments to the shade of the smile, Zoom!® provides significant results in a fraction of the time. Many of our patients choose ZOOM® in preparation for an important event, meeting, photography session, and even before embarking on a vacation.

Is Whitening your Teeth Right for You?

Simply brightening the appearance of your smile can lead to a significant increase in self-confidence. If years of enjoying coffee, tea, or wine has dulled your once shiny smile and you want to regain the freedom to smile openly, then teeth whitening with ZOOM!® may be the perfect solution for you.

With Zoom!® teeth whitening in Columbia, our team is able to correct discoloration that has been caused from pigmented foods and drinks, tobacco consumption, and aging. During your initial consultation, we determine whether this method of treatment is right for you. Should your teeth be too deeply stained for topical treatment, or if your smile requires restorative care in addition to cosmetics, we will help you to explore additional options using natural-looking ceramics.

Choose Zoom!® to Brighten Your Smile

Zoom!® is unrivaled in its ability to brighten your smile in a single visit to our office. If you are interested in improving the look of your smile with whiter teeth in the Columbia, MD area, call Columbia Gateway Dentistry today!


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