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Columbia Dentistry - What are My Cosmetic Dentistry Options?

For those looking for a smile makeover, the plethora of options at your disposal in the field of modern cosmetic dentistry can easily be overwhelming. At Columbia Gateway Dentistry understand the potential confusion in choosing the right cosmetic procedures for your smile, and hope to alleviate the stress of decision making by explaining what these treatments mean for you.

Dental Crowns

Gone are the days of needing ostentatious metal crowns when you develop a crack or have undergone treatment to clear away decay from teeth. Most modern dentists opt to use porcelain bases and caps when making and placing crowns for several reasons. These materials eliminate the chance of an allergic reaction to the noble metals used in older crowns, but look natural in your mouth. Additionally, with the advent of CEREC—meaning ceramic reconstruction—crowns are crafted using machines of unparalleled accuracy, not only providing you with ideally aesthetic teeth, but are available in a single visit.

With their natural look and sturdy porcelain make, crowns are now ideal for any teeth that would otherwise need extensive filling or are beginning to fracture across the enamel. 


Veneers, like crowns, are natural looking porcelain covers for your teeth, though unlike crowns, they have no restorative or preventative properties. This cosmetic procedure is ideal for those looking to achieve the perfectly straight and bright smile normally gained through multiple orthodontic and whitening treatments. CEREC machines can also be used in making veneers, allowing patients to limit the amount of time they have to wait before receiving their veneer, usually to a single visit. Again, like with crowns, the advent of porcelain—especially that of e.max veneers—creates a balance of aesthetics and strength essential to everyday use.

Anybody looking to correct minor gaps in teeth, discoloration, or worn and/or broken teeth might qualify for veneers as a corrective cosmetic treatment.

Dental Implants

If you are a patient who isn’t just looking for cosmetic treatment, but also requires reconstruction due to extractions or other lost teeth, then dental implants may be the right treatment for you. Implants are used for many different cosmetic procedures, but most common are single tooth implants and dental bridges. For single teeth, an implant will anchor a porcelain tooth, not unlike a porcelain crown, filling in the previously empty portion of your smile. 

Bridges, unlike singular implants, require the buffing down of the neighboring teeth, and are anchored in your jaw using a dental implant. While single implants generally work for a healthy smile with a singular extraction or avulsed tooth, bridges are ideal if your neighboring teeth have already had fillings and might eventually require crowns. 

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