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Columbia Gateway Dentistry - Comprehensive Care for your Child in Columbia MD

At Columbia Gateway Dentistry, we are committed to comprehensive care for the whole family. We understand that establishing a relationship with a dentist and getting efficient dental care at a young age has a positive impact on future oral wellness. With this in mind, our goal is to provide gentle and comfortable children’s dental care for all of our first-time visitors. 

First Appointments

As cavities can occur once the first tooth has emerged, it is crucial that parents bring their children in for a first visit at the age of two. This appointment can be done as a lap exam, where the child can sit on their parents lap and Dr. Ghozati will conduct a visual oral exam, assessing the teeth, gums, jaw, and tissues.

Patient and parent education is an important part of the first dental visit. During this first session, our Columbia dentists also go over nutrition and at-home hygiene habits for healthy smile development. Dr. Ghozati and Dr. Izadi also assess the impact of thumb sucking and pacifier habits on children’s smiles and make recommendations for ending these potentially damaging habits. 

By having both parents and children in each session, our dentists at Columbia Gateway Dentistry can demonstrate how to properly brush teeth to ensure optimal at home oral health care. These routine appointments at a young age instill the importance of oral health in children, and lead to the benefits of a strong and beautiful smile in adulthood. 

What Does Children’s Dentistry Include?

We are a family-friendly dental practice and offer a room designed just for kids; we want children to be excited for their visit our dentists. We are a metal free dental practice and ensure all of our patients are safe and healthy during procedures by avoiding the application of metal-based restorations that may contain mercury. 

We utilize pre-formed crowns to treat decayed primary molars for our younger patients. These restorations are made from a soft material and are placed in the cavity before being hardened to restore the tooth to its original shape. To help patients feel comfortable during their treatment, Dr. Ghozati and Dr. Izadi offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to put nervous young patients at ease. 

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At Columbia Gateway Dentistry, we believe a healthy smile makes a world of difference, and understand that proper oral health care at a young age is essential to creating the best smiles possible. Our specialty is in providing gentle care, and your comfort is our goal. Contact us at our Columbia dental practice to schedule your first visit, or ask about our other services we provide to long-lasting healthy smiles.